What are the factors that affect the price of hand boards?

1. Selection of forming method of hand board: At present, our general hand board forming methods are divided into cnc machining, 3D printing and small batch re-molding, and we will choose the corresponding forming method while considering what materials to use. Generally, when the material requirements are relatively high, we all choose to use cnc to process profiles. Although the cost is high, the stability of materials can be guaranteed. However, if the quantity of more than ten pieces of materials is only similar to ABS, we will choose to use the method of small batch copying, and make one or two prototypes and simple silica gel molds, which will save a lot of time and cost compared with cnc machining. The cost of 3D printing is relatively low, but the material strength and temperature resistance are far less than those of CNC and composite formwork.

2. Materials used for scaffolding: Sometimes when we choose different materials to quote, we will find that the price may be several times different. What is the reason? First of all, the prices of different materials are different. Special materials such as PEEK and Teflon are several times more expensive than ordinary ABS, PC and PMMA. Secondly, the processing time of different materials is different. Hard materials such as aluminum alloy stainless steel POM are more difficult to process than ordinary plastics such as ABS and PC, and the milling cutter will run slower and take more time.

3. Difference in surface technology: We usually process white boards or internal parts to deburr or polish them, but when painting, electroplating, transparency and other processes are needed, we need a very fine polishing by our polishing master, so the labor cost will increase a lot, and naturally the price will be relatively more.

4. Risk rate of hand-made boards: As many friends know, magnesium alloy processing is relatively expensive. Why? Because of the high activity of magnesium alloy material, the ignition point is very low, and it is easy to catch fire when processing it carelessly or improperly, resulting in incalculable losses. There are also some other materials with high activity and some structures with thin wall thickness, which will lead to scrap rate, so the appraisers will give different prices according to the degree of risk.

5. Urgent dispatch and order saturation: Many friends sometimes encounter the situation that the hand board is in a hurry to make, and they may need to get the hand board in two or three days in a five-day cycle. At this time, every scaffolding manufacturer will first check the saturation of existing orders to evaluate, and priority arrangement will inevitably affect the progress of other orders, and will also lead to overtime work of personnel. Therefore, the manual quotation personnel will make price fluctuations according to the saturation of the order and ensure that other orders can be successfully completed.

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