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Shenzhen Memsem mockup CO., LTD

About us

Founded in 2006, Shenzhen Mingxin Rapid Model Co., Ltd. is based in China as the "Capital of Innovation" and serves customers all over the world. After more than ten years of development, Mingxin Model has become a well-known supplier of CNC shouban and 3D printing models in China, and has established long-term cooperative relationships with international brands such as HUAWEI, PHILIPS, Microsoft, SONY, Midea, Lenovo, TCL, OPPLE and Tencent.


I believe it is also your ideal partner! Mingxin model has a group of teams with exquisite technology, sensitive thinking, rich experience, courage to innovate and a sense of mission. Professional technical personnel of hand board, systematic management mode and complete set of hand board production equipment ensure that we can produce a commendable shouban, thus expressing the creative connotation of product designers more accurately and timely. Building a bridge between dream and reality for product designers and accelerating the pace of product innovation is the eternal mission of famous people!

Become the best customization service provider in the world.


confidentiality agreement

Closed management, each door is equipped with access control and monitoring, and the office area, customer reception area and production area are completely isolated to avoid information leakage.
All employees are not allowed to bring equipment with camera and video recording devices into the workshop.

Business Scope

CNC hand plate, sheet metal stamping, rapid injection mold, 3D printing model, silicone compound mold, personalized customization.

Professional Service

According to the 3D drawings provided by customers, the processing program is compiled, and the materials are processed by CNC processing equipment according to the programs written by programmers, so that the prototype of the product is produced.