Advantages of silica gel replica technology in hand board

Advantages of silica gel replica technology in hand boardMingxin model has come to popularize the knowledge of scaffolding for everyone again! Let's see what we are going to learn today.Silicone replication, also known as vacuum replication, refers to the use of the original template, making a silicone mold in vacuum, and pouring it in vacuum with PU, silicone, nylon ABS and other materials, thus cloning the same replica as the original template, with a reduction rate of 99.8%. Silicone replica has the advantages of low manufacturing cost, no mold opening, short production cycle and service life of about 15-25 times, and is suitable for small batch customization. Let's take a look at the technological process and its advantages of silicone compound mold.

Silica gel replica process flow

Silicone replica materials are: ABS, PC, PP, PMMA, PVC, rubber, high temperature resistant materials and so on.

The first step: manufacturing the prototype: according to the 3D drawings provided by customers, the prototype is manufactured by CNC machining, SLA laser rapid prototyping or 3D printing.

Step 2: pouring the silica gel mold: after the prototype is manufactured, the mold base is manufactured, the prototype is fixed, the silica gel is poured, after 8 hours of drying, the mold is opened to take out the prototype, and the manufacturing of the silica gel mold is finished.

Step 3: injection molding: inject the liquid plastic material into the silica gel mold, cure it in a 60-70 thermostat for 30-60 minutes, and then demould it. If necessary, perform secondary curing in a 70-80 thermostat for 2-3 hours. Under normal circumstances, the service life of silica gel mold is 15-20 times.

What are the applications of silicone compound mould?

1. Plastic handboards: The raw materials are plastic, mainly the handboards of some plastic products, such as televisions, monitors, telephones and so on. For example, the most common photosensitive resin in 3D hand panel proofing belongs to plastic hand panels.

2. Silicone laminated hand board: Its raw material is silica gel, which is mainly used to show the design shape of products, such as cars, mobile phones, toys, handicrafts, daily necessities and so on.

There are many advantages of silica gel compound mold, which are as follows:

1, the manufacturing cost is low; The processing cost is also much lower than CNC machining and 3D printing.

2, the production cycle is short; Save the time of mold opening and greatly improve the production efficiency; Win valuable time for customers to develop new products and seize market opportunities.

3, the reduction degree is high, and the processing failure probability is small;

4, suitable for small batch production, short customization time and low cost;

5, exquisite workmanship, no burrs.

This is probably the case with the knowledge related to silicone compound mold. After the above introduction, I wonder if you have a deeper understanding of silicone compound mold? If you want to know more about scaffolding, please pay attention to Mingxin model.

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