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Multimedia player shouban
  • Multimedia player shouban

Product name: multimedia player shouban

Processing method: CNC machining, silica gel laminating.

Processing materials: ABS, Rubber

Surface treatment: spraying, silicone parts repair and engraving.

Production cycle: 4-5 days/set

With the improvement of people's consumption level and enjoyment of quality of life, the smart equipment industry is extremely hot. In this equally competitive industry, in order to adapt to the development, smart equipment is updated quickly, and various new products emerge one after another. In the research and development of new products, it is indispensable to make shouban, test the design defects through shouban, or take advantage of shouban to attend the exhibition in advance to win business opportunities. It is a good choice to make a scaffold. This Bluetooth audio scaffold is the final design result after repeated research by designers.

It usually takes 4-5 days to complete a set of player shouban. Because of the advanced production of the hand board, you can use the hand board as a product for publicity before the mold is developed, and even make preparations for production and sales in the early stage, and you can also occupy the market as soon as possible.

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